Baneoppdatering fra Darek og James

Av: Hanne Ødegaard  |  Publisert: 11. oktober 2021  |  Siste nyheter  |  Arkiv

Unfortunately this season will soon be coming to an end, but they’re still a few more weeks to enjoy out on the course.

To make sure we continue to have nice playing surfaces in 2022 we have to carry out maintenance on the greens and tees before the winter. This will happen on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th October. Both greens and tees will be aerated with solid tines and heavily sand dressed afterwards. Seed will dropped into the holes and the sand will be dragged in so the surfaces are nice and smooth once the job is done. This process helps get rid of soil compaction, increase drainage, help gas exchange that have built up of the season and increase root depths ready for the winter.

We understand that this maintenance doesn’t make for a good golfing experience, but it essential work that has to been done before the snow comes. Especially as the club have decided to cover all the greens with plastic sheet to help protect them for ice coverage this winter. The last few years we have we have prepared the course the best we can to protect it against the winter and it’s been successful, but we’ve also have luck on our side. Asker, Holtsmark, Bærum and Haga have been using sheets on greens for three years now and with good success. The club we’re happy how well the greens looked in the spring after we covered 1, 14 and 17. This year may not be an ice winter, but the sheets will decrease the chance of losing greens in the future.
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