Publisert: 6. april 2019  av Hanne Ødegaard  |  Nyhetsarkiv

Finally spring is here and I’m happy to say I can report good news. The course has come out looking good from the winter and it looks positive that we will open the course without the same problems as last year. All the greens and tees have been cleared of snow and most of them are now showing grass.

All the greens and tees have been cleared of snow and most of them are now showing grass. Up to now we haven’t seen any damage from the winter, but its still early days but I’m confident the greens will be ok now. Large parts of the fairways are  free of snow, but areas close to treelines and shaded areas still have 15-20cm of snow on them. Since Darek and I began working on the course in February we have been checking the greens weekly, to ensure that we were monitoring ice levels and checking for signs that the greens were struggling under the snow. I must mention the good job Hans-Petter and Darek did at the end of last season, making sure the greens were feed and sprayed against disease (snømugg) before the winter closed the course last November. Without this the course wouldn’t look the ways it does today.
Next week the greens will have covers put over them to help keep in moisture and help protect them from the cold mornings that are forecast for next week. The range will open once it is clear of snow, not easy to say an exact date, but this will be done as soon as possible. 
As most of you know Drammen Golfbane went bankrupt last year and because of this we now have a very basic machine park, but more than enough to get us through the season. The club have invested in a new greens and fairway mowers and I’m sure the course will benefit massively from this investment. The club have taken control of the course maintenance for the first time this year and it will time a little time to get it up to the standard that club desires, but again we are confident this can be done.
Last but not least, the pumphouse has had a new pump installed the week also. This should help with getting enough water out on the course when it’s needed, but we’re still hoping that the summer isn’t as dry as it was that season. 
There will be a weekly update from now on so that we can keep everyone informed. Please remember that the range and course will open as soon as they are ready for play, thank you for your patients.
Best regards 
James and banepersonalet.
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